Sommaire de la publication

Sommaire de la publication

BĂ©dard, Y., 1999, Principles of Spatial Database Analysis and Design, In : GIS: Principles, Techniques, Applications & Management, Wiley, 2nd Ed., Chap. 29, pp. 413-424




This chapter covers the fundamentals of spatial database analysis and design, It begins by
defining the most important concepts: ‘spatial database’, ‘analysis’, ‘design’, and ‘model’;
and continues with a presentation of the rationale supporting the use of formal methods
for analysis and design. The basic elements and approaches of such methods are
described, in addition to the processes used. Emphasis is placed on the particularities of
spatial databases and the improvements needed for non-spatial methods and tools in
order to enhance their efficiency. Finally, the chapter presents a set of tools, called CASE
(computer-assisted software engineering), which are built to support the formal analysis
and design methods.