Sommaire de la publication

Sommaire de la publication

Maamar, Z., B. Moulin, Y. BĂ©dard & G. Babin, 1997, Software agent-oriented frameworks meet georeferenced digital library interoperability, D-Lib Magazine, Septembre, 9p.




A Georeferenced Digital Library (GDL) describes several geodocumentary resources available in an organization (maps, satellite images, aerial photographs, etc). The use of a single GDL is rather easy. However, the task becomes much more complex when several GDLs are required to satisfy a user’s request. As a solution, we intend to set up Software Agent-Oriented Frameworks that support the interoperability of GDLs by providing users with services that will free them from worrying about information distribution and disparities. The design and management of such frameworks is based on a number of concepts related to the fields of distributed artificial intelligence and distributed-object technology.