Sommaire de la publication

Sommaire de la publication

Maamar, Z., B. Moulin, G. Babin & Y. BĂ©dard, 1997, Software agent-oriented frameworks for the interoperability of geomatics systems: from fundamental concepts to the SIGAL project, Proceedings of the International Conference on Interoperating Geographic Information Systems, p. 263-282, December 3-4th




A Georeferenced Digital Library (GDL) describes several geodocumentary resources of an organization. The use of a single GDL is rather easy. However, the task becomes much more complex when several GDLs are required to satisfy a user’s request. This new reality requires for new alternatives for GDLs interoperability. Interoperability is a process that allows cooperative interactions between several systems in general and GDLs in particular. These systems are distributed on networks and can present incompatibilities in different ways (material, software, terminology). As a solution, we intend to set up software agent-oriented frameworks that support the interoperability of GDLs. A software agent-oreinted framework offers services to users and to other frameworks. Such a framework is a software environment composed of a supervisor program and one or several teams of agents that cooperate in order to realize the services offered by the framework.